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Ways to Ensure Energy Efficiency in Commercial Building Lighting

Commercial building owners deal with a lot of issues when it comes to their buildings. One such issue that these owners must be sure to focus on is energy efficiency for commercial buildings. If you talk about energy consumption, commercial buildings fall among the top ranks. Working electricity is a vital component in commercial operations. Although these buildings will need all the electricity for their operations, this in no way implies that there is no way for them to save some electricity. Bear in mind that if you will be consuming more energy, then you will also be paying for more of them. For many of these companies, they make sure to tap into the services of energy management companies. You can find different areas of commercial buildings that utilize a lot of energy. One of the most undermined parts of a building that use energy is lighting. For those who have not upgraded their lighting for a couple of years now, you are most likely overpaying for your building lights.

According to studies, 60% of the energy use of an entire commercial building goes to interior lighting alone. You also have exterior lighting that adds to the percentage of commercial lighting use. Usually, how much you will be paying for your energy bills will depend on your building size as well as exterior illumination needs. Approaching an energy saving company is essential if you are interested in reducing the total energy expenses you spend on your commercial lighting needs. When you hire these companies, they will send one of their consultants over to do a lighting audit of your entire commercial building premise. The information they gather from the audit will then be used to find the best approaches and solutions to meet your energy efficiency goals and needs.

There are different methods that you can explore if you are interested in making your commercial building lighting more energy efficient. When it comes to your commercial lighting needs, there are many methods that one of the commercial energy management companies will provide you.

Energy efficiency experts will often suggest commercial building owners to replace their old fluorescent ballasts. The thing about these ballasts often present in central areas of buildings like halls and corridors is that they can only produce optimal lighting when they use more energy than usual. You may replace them with T8 lamps that are one type of energy-efficient ballasts.

Incandescent lighting is another example of lamps that are not that highly efficient in the present market. You can find a lot of commercial buildings that use this type of lighting inside of their work areas, offices, and other small areas. An energy-efficient move is to have them replaced with compact fluorescent lamps. You also have the option to replace them with high-intensity discharge lamps.

Improving the different light settings of your commercial building is also an advice that these energy management companies will provide you. Lowering light fixtures as well as applying reflectors or lenses to fixtures to spread light and offer concentrated illumination, respectively, along with the application of light colored paint on walls are some examples.

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