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Advantages of Instructional Materials in Teaching

Many at times with time both teaching methods and teaching materials have rapidly changed over time. The main reason for these is that educators are doing their best to try and make learning delivered in a simple form but also cater for the learners with special needs as well. In addition to that the rapid growth on technology has resulted in a lot of these changes were a teaching is not necessarily needed to stand in a classroom to teach. But with the internet, a lot has changed where it is not needed for the teacher and the learner to be in one room for teaching to take place. Moreover, instructional materials have been included in the teaching and learning process. Given are the merits of using instructional materials I teaching.

The first benefits of is that it motivates the learner. The process of just teaching by the word of mouth at times tends to be very boring for the learners. On the other hand, if the lesson is boring the learner will lose motivation and with the you may find a lot not interested in the lesson and even some sleeping. On the other hand with instructional learning, it is going to make the learner interested in what is happening and with that their level of concentration will increase so will their motivation as well.

The second benefit of instructional materials is that it summarizes information. A whole topic that could have been taught in a couple of hours can be taught in some minutes by the use of instructional materials. For instance, if you are looking to describing a procedure you are going to have it in a chart where the learners are going to have a drawing representation of it in one picture rather than having it in a thousand and one words less time is going to be used in the process.

The second advantage of instructional materials is that is going to encourage the continuity of thought. A lot of times with teaching by word of mouth learners will tend to be forgetful as when the teacher moves to the next point the learners will have forgotten the previous point. But by the use of visual representation instructional materials have tried to prevent this from happening. The main reason being motion pictures will last longer in the brain.

In addition to that instructional materials is beneficial reason being it allows for presentation of matters symbolically. With teaching by the word of mouth the learner will always try to picture the image in their mind which often might not be correct but with instructional materials, they can see it. To end, above are some benefits of instructional materials.

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